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sell second hand clothes online

That should give you a good idea which places you might wight want to use to sell your clothing. Ebay or Craigslist might be your best options since they have the lowest fees, and you might be able to sell it sooner. Keep sharing. It came three days after the dance even though I paid extra shipping. I am thinking about starting my own online boutique of women’s plus size clothing and accessories. I learned a valuable lesson on these two product lines. 2. You can sell clothing in bulk or single items. Thanks. I need to know where I can sell them around Gauteng. Pros and Cons of Selling Vintage Clothing Online. It’s called retail arbitrage. They both have numerous figures, cars, race tracks, etc. It might help to know which one of the 24 places you are referring to. After reading some of the comments, I get the feeling the best way is to bring the things to a local second hand shop. Bernadette. The more you share, the more visibility you’ll get. Just check this type of info on each site you are interested in and you may find the one that is right for you. It is very easy to use, just a matter of taking pictures on your phone and uploading them directly with the right details. Which, for some, makes the fees worth the hassle-free experience. Material World offers two different payment options: The commission rate for Material World is a reasonable 15% for PayPal payments. Swap.com is an online consignment shop that accepts a wide variety of clothing and accessories including: The best selling items are fashion forward clothing that have sold in a mall or store within the last three years according to Swap. thredUP is essentially an online consignment store. With that said, her method can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If you sell yourself you get about 80% of the purchase price, and if Vestiaire sells it for you that goes down to about 75%. In recent months, Miska has sold many of the dresses she used to wear to conferences and meetings to overseas buyers, she says. Once you upload your bag pictures, the quote you get is for the full amount you’ll receive as a gift card. Check for brands you have on eBay first. We’ve made these corrections in the article. That may give you an idea of where to start. It’s pretty cool and worth checking out IMO. The price point is high, with yoga pants starting at $95, retail. I also have a lot of shoes from Aerosole and other things along those lines. Pros. Nowadays, to sell your vintage secondhand clothing online is just like a trend. If you are looking for places to sell clothes online for some quick cash, we are glad that you landed on this post! To ship your item, Poshmark emails a prepaid shipping label. One thing you could do that might help is take a look at thredUP, as well as any other online second hand shops you’re interested in, to see what other people are getting for their things. For instant payment, you need to check out Material World. What’s the commission? I’m interested in these sites but worry they may not fit or look great. The second month was a bit slower but not much I was really excited then I listed an item that is not a knock off yet they determained it was so I got a warning..ok then it happened again…both items were purses, both are the real deal well then after having about 500 listings currently posted and over $200 in items I shipped last week they determained a third item to be a prohibited item, restricted my account for review and the next day closed my account. Before putting your clothes online to sell, search eBay to see how much the item is going for. Best for: Local sales. Patagonia items are also durable and will last forever. Therefore, don’t settle for the annual yard sale where you only make a few dollars. You can share your items to your followers or to parties for visibility. Thanks for mentioning them. Where is my best option to sell these? If so, nearly any of the options listed would work. It’s unfortunate that you had such a bad experience using eBay. Do not use them. It’s super fast as well, with the amount being credited to you within 24 hours of your bag being verified. What’s the best selling option? How do I sell my clothes on eBay? Have you ever sold clothing online? Kidizen is the top marketplace to buy and sell kids' fashion. Instead, you can build a website to drive traffic. I have very many luxury (high-end) shoes and clothing items that I would like to try to sell. They don’t go for rip offs. Beyond that, you might have to use the contact information on the site to ask them directly. Poshmark is an online marketplace to buy and sell gently used items, mostly geared to designer clothes and name brand clothing.. Buying and selling are mainly done through the app, although you can also do this from the desktop version of the website. When items sell, you decide if you or the buyer pays shipping costs. Buy and sell, new and pre-owned designer bags, jewellery, shoes, and men and women's clothing on HEWI. The best thing you can do is check out a couple of the sites you are interested in to see if they sell items of similar brand and value to yours. The party hosts are chosen by PM. Thanks. Hi. Keep sharing. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. One downside is that you don’t know how much you will make until they receive your box. If your ads are confusing, you won’t sell anything. Let’s assume that I have a dress from a decent known brand that has a retail price of $40. What’s the commission? It is very easy to use, just a matter of taking pictures on your phone and uploading them directly with the right details. Get paid up to 70% of the resale value of your clothes. All these women seem to have the same problem as I do. So, said buyer has their money back and my brand new, unworn coat. ASOS Marketplace is a great place to establish your vintage online store, as you need to sell at least 15 items at a time. Sell Clothing and Jewellery Clear out those cupboards, empty the spare room and earn a few £££s by selling your unwanted clothes or jewellery second hand on Preloved. 2. Although I would double check to make sure they will take the items. I have a lot of clothes, but most are not expensive. I want to sell them now, because i lost my job and no income at all. REBELLE Designer Second Hand Fashion Online Shop: Your marketplace for Designer Second Hand Clothing. Save up to 70% on new & preowned Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Michael Kors & more with Tradesy. Mercari is an app that’s similar to eBay. Are you simply wanting to get rid of them and get some money? I have lost all the time energy on supplies used on these listings and can not find where I may have any recourse. Did you know your closet is the first place in your house to look for extra money? It would be a good idea to go to a site like eBay and just take a look at how many other people are offering similar items, and how low the prices are. Top sites for selling your old clothes. She was going to refund me minus the cost of the repair. Keep in mind, if selling online there may be shipping costs to consider as well. The last thing you want to do is accept a low ball offer and find out later they are worth 10 times more than that. FLASH SALE: Designer pieces daily reduced up to 70% off! Overall, the resale clothing market topped $24 billion in 2018, and … I hope you find one that works for you. They sent me a huge canvas painting we had purchased, and when I unrolled it on the dining room table, the canvas was torn into the subject. I would like to sell them in bulk. They sent one thing and no money saying it was the cost of shipping. All these clothes and shoes are vintage and branded. Join a second-hand fashion community of more than 34 million members. We hand-selected online 2nd-hand stores that offer stylish and trendy clothes you'll love. After that, the items need to sell before you get paid. We enable a community of thrifters to find affordable, quality secondhand apparel for the whole family. Sure, it’s a bit niche, but if you have loads of old clothes from the brand that you’d love to sell then it’s a great way to do it. Another growing app is Depop. If other sellers mostly list the item for auction without a “Buy It Now” option, it’s most likely in high-demand! Again, thank you. Then look at how much they are being sold for and choose the site that provides the highest return. I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Selling clothing online can be worth it if you have designer brands and your items are gently worn with no defects. Second I make quite a bit of money selling used clothing on Ebay and I do so without charging for shipping, well not outwardly, anyway.So, selling used, high-end brands and designer label clothing online is a viable and profitable business … The buyer lied about the item and eBay returned the money to the buyer. Thanks for pointing out what we should all do before taking on such a project and becoming discouraged and disappointed. If your clothing brands qualify, you can receive instant payment instead of waiting for TheRealReal to find a buyer. A survey by pre-loved clothes seller Patatam back in March found the average British woman has surplus-to-requirements garments worth about £500 – and male or female, it's likely you've untapped reserves hanging up forgotten on your … Where to Sell Used Clothing Online 1. Etsy is great if you’re selling unique vintage pieces, and any that you’ve created yourself too. You have two different shipping options with Mercari. The site allows you to sell your gently used, name-brand clothing by mail. The process is fairly simple. Kidizen is another app that’s great for selling kid’s clothing only. Save up to 80% on original retail price. Best-known for its boots and shoes, Frye also makes jackets, outerwear and other fine leather goods. RELATED: 10 Top Online Stores in Australia How To Start Selling Second Hand Clothes Online. For drop shipping, you need to build a website that also lists your products on social media. I have no issues with donating second-hand clothes, but I like to try to make money off of them first. You then name your price and decide who pays to ship. I was not given the opportunity to verify either of the items nor explain that I did not intend to post a prohibited item that it was a mistake. Good luck! The policies, terms, and conditions sections should give you some of the information you are seeking. Find a central place in your home to store the items you want to sell. Best for: Designer clothes. Make sure you disclose any known defects to avoid issuing a refund or receiving negative feedback. Will they transfer the balance of the payment to us upon receipt them all? I’ll never use them again. You can also swap items with other sellers. If you’re item sells, you’ll be charge 10% of the sale including postage. Best of luck! Also there are a lot of used shoes that are name brand but old. A “Hands-Off” Retail Strategy because of dropshipping partnerships. Couture USA. Clean out your closet with little effort. Each local board has a clothing and accessories section that allows you to post any item you want. Just include shipping costs in the “Buy It Now” price, so you don’t lose money. Find your favorite brands at up to 90% off. Which will be the best online or physical stores to sell them? You can also consider these Craigslist alternatives to reach more shoppers. When it comes to finding the best sites and apps to sell (and buy) clothes online, Depop is the undisputed winner. Another social media platform to consider is Facebook. The best selling clothes online marketing site. There is a section for women’s clothing as well. Given that it has been hidden in my wardrobe for 3 … On eBay, check how many bids an item has. I sold a brand new item with the tags on it. Well, he lied. I’m not sure about places that can buy in wholesale. For instance, one of the places listed in this post is for purses and handbags only. And, if you’re looking to sell some of your clothes be sure to check out my blog post were I’ve rounded up the 7 best places to resell your clothes online like Flyp and ThredUp the first stop on our list of best places to shop secondhand online! Where would it be best for me to try to sell my stuff in order to receive the best prices and a site where buyers are actually looking for luxury, high-end clothing and shoes? Best for: It’s pretty good if you want to sell clothes online across any category, but as eBay doesn’t have an authentication team, it’s safer to stick to high street brands here, and use specialised platforms such as Vestiaire for designer items. When you consign, your items are available for purchase online and in-store. The only problem is that everything is closed right now and they only will take about 10 items at a time when they open. A little over a month ago I started selling on Mercari and was very impressed it was simple and the first month we sold about $800 worth of items so we netted about $500. They take a flat fee of $2.95 for all items sold for under $15. Here, our shortlist of the TOP 3 online platforms to sell used clothes in Germany, plus useful tips from experienced sellers to help you make the sale. It’s possible to sell used, pre-made, and made-to-order clothes on Etsy. A pair of active leggings can start at $80 gently used. Browse Gumtree Free Online Classified for new and gently used secondhand clothing and fashion accessories for sale in South Africa. Flipping clothes for a profit is a fun idea too. What is the first step? You’ll pay a flat $7.50 shipping fee on items you sell for under $50 and a 19.8% commission on items you sell for over $50. However, you might get more money by selling your child’s clothing and shoes on Kidizen. REBELLE Designer Second Hand Fashion Online Shop: Your marketplace for Designer Second Hand Clothing. You might need to be a little more selective about how you try to sell the motorcycle gear since that is a bit different. Her brand choices were mostly from Lands End, Liz Taylor, etc. Most of the online clothing resale action is in women's apparel; if you're ready to sell, I think ThredUp, Poshmark and Tradesy are three of the best places to get started. What’s the commission? Plus, you can’t beat their free return shipping! Good luck! Just snap a picture of your clothes and fill out a description. I have spent a good chunk of money over a few years collecting their product line. They also make shoes and accessories. It is a true gift. You can also try setting up an Amazon or Etsy store to sell what you make. Depop. Material World will return the rejected items for free. However, I also want to sell online. Another custom t-shirt marketplace is Zazzle. Africa is the biggest importer of second-hand clothing while winter clothes are chiefly exported to Eastern Europe and South America. All communication between you and the prospective buyer takes place in the app. A few online consignment stores only select specific designer brands.For less-than-perfect clothing, try online marketplaces like eBay or Facebook. Josh is a personal finance writer with his prior professional experience as a transportation operations supervisor for an S&P 500 company. If you have a handbag to sell, the lowest listing can be $40 or as high as $3,000! This has been a challenging process, but you have helped ease much of my concern with your shared experience, lessons, guidance, knowledge, and shared advice. You might be able to sell them as a lot and take one or two pictures of several in a group and list them for sale that way. eBay charges you once a month so make sure you remember as if you sell loads in a month it’ll likely sting a bit. Online stores have also caught up with a selection of vintage, designer clothes, and a variety of secondhand clothing. Unlike eBay and Facebook Marketplace, Vinted is solely about selling second-hand clothes and accessories, and so while it has a smaller audience, this audience is interested in the type of product that you are selling. Have you checked out theRealReal? Do you remember these most popular Zara items ever? Then compare them to find the best one. However, researching the sites, prices, and reviews of companies you are interested in using to set up your online boutique might help you the most to have a successful online “shop”. Good luck! Buy and sell used Designer Fashion Online! I have a new Louis Vuitton backpack purse with everything in tact including tags. Good luck! eBay, the largest online marketplace for DIY sellers. Top ratings - I would be SUPER interested in buying in bulk from someone or if someone sold a lot of clothing/bags/etc? I hope you are able to find a site that helps you sell everything for a good price. Regarding the prom dresses, you might try selling them on Poshmark so you can try getting more. The clean out kit has everything you need! Free … There are lots of different options, but it depends on your goal. All you need is some graphic design software to upload your designs to CafePress. But now, I’m size 10. I initially had a 100% rating. For items that don’t find a buyer, and you want to give away, there’s another local FB Group here where sellers can choose by face and name who’ll get the clothes. I sold my clothes in one bag on thredUP and was I disappointed! thredUP is an online consignment and thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes. To make money , start by sorting through your possessions, like unwanted clothes or gifts. I have a large quantity of luxury items I would like to sell online. 9. Thanks for letting us know! Join a second-hand fashion community of more than 34 million members. Or, should it be taken very seriously? I was size 6 to 8. Of course, there are other avenues as well. Hi Josh, You interact with buyers on the app. They are in decent shape. All items are authenticated through a rigorous process overseen by experts. When it comes to selling kiddie attire, there is a specialized Facebook group where I live just for selling children’s clothing. Well, you might have to do some research to find out that answer. Their top designers are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, Gucci and Saint Laurent. You can also sell your custom t-shirt designs on RedBubble. I have some men’s shirts that are new and some that are gently used. I have a large closet full of used western clothing: men’s, women’s, young man’s shoes, dresses, etc., to sell for cash. I have a dress I bought for my granddaughter for a homecoming dance at her high school. Hello there. Which one would be the best to use? Depop. Mercari pays you every Monday with direct deposit. I want to start selling online. You can sell custom designs and branded designed t-shirts. Etsy lets you sell handmade and vintage clothing for children and adults. Our … . If you are offering a used prom dress for $100 and 20 others are offering the same dress at prices from $20 to $150 but only two have sold in the past 6 months, one for $15 and one for $35, you probably shouldn’t list yours. Zyia is a popular activewear brand for jogging, yoga or going to the gym. Best for: The new Resell service at Selfridges is perfect if you’re looking to sell pre-loved designer handbags. Mary all the way at the top (said you had 90’s stuff), lots of people with bags full of name brand clothes, I’m not sure if there is a website for it, but have you ever thought about reaching out to sellers on Poshmark to sell to them in bulk? In addition, you might want to check out the reviews. These are the most pinned Zara outfits right now, The nineties fashion icons who shaped one of our favourite style eras, ever. I see a ton of people on here that wanted to sell things, but didn’t know where to start or just had tons to get rid of, have any of you listed things anywhere? Unser Versand ist komplett plastikfrei. What do you recommend, since they could pick up at the boutique? This option is only for the most in-demand items. A seller does not get 100 free listings per month without a store. I have just started using wearmydress.com It lets you rent out your clothes as well as sell them. Continue with Google. Firstly, it’s the perfect way to practice circular fashion, or at least offset the money you spend on clothes. You can sell modern and vintage clothing for men and women. We make it easy to donate your best second-hand clothes to your favourite charity and earn rewards to spend online. You will pay fees of some sort when selling your clothing online. Swap.com sends you up to three prepaid boxes every month. He paid off $80,000 in consumer debt and uses his experience of getting out of debt and changing careers to write about many personal finance topics including making money, saving money and investing. Shopify will build your store and handle the payments. Yes, I think you are right. Shop now! ThredUp: I’m a huge fan of ThredUp*. I don’t want to take pictures of every figurine, as there are many! Then, contact the stores and learn about their policies, rates, and what particular clothing items they currently need. They make high-quality jackets, backpacks and anything related to an outside, sporty lifestyle. Toss out or donate the stuff you don't plan to sell. Related Post: What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package: UPS, FedEx or USPS? It seems to be a great place to make money selling clothing online for Millennials. There are a few fun options for designers too! Next, filter to, “sold”, and have a look to see if any of this type of item has sold recently and, if so, how many and at what price? Why not make some extra cash for your once-loved apparel by reselling your used clothing online! LePrix is an excellent option for most clothing. The size is the smaller of the 2 available options. All of the shoes, clothing, and household items are either brand new or very gently used, meaning they have been used only once or twice at the most. Secondly, it’s great to declutter and send unwanted clothes off to a loving new home. You’re also support Cos’s efforts to become more sustainable. Another idea is to sell them online through a local Facebook sales group. As the largest social media platform in the world, think of your potential audience reach. Then you put your unwanted clothing, shoes, and accessories and mail it to them with the prepaid label. Stay in the know with our newsletter or join our Facebook community. Shop thousands of your favorite brands at up to 70% off retail. When an item sells, you pay for shipping. thredUP is the best place to sell clothes online and earn cash! Note: It does not matter if the clothes are in good condition, you just have to be sure to describe every imperfection to the buyer. Start selling on … You can mail your items using their prepaid envelope. Consider this a commission fee. Dear Beacon, Tradesy will notify you when someone buys your item, and you’ll be instructed to ship. The last thing you want to do is end up with nothing due to not following one of their rules. Look for similar items with a “Buy It Now” option, and compare those prices. Nowadays, to sell your vintage secondhand clothing online is just like a trend. Can having nothing to wear cause anxiety? You take your chances, I was told. You pack your item, and drop it in the mail. Vestiaire authenticates everything for you. Second-hand clothing is a major source of business. Poshmark is more than just a shopping destination, it's a vibrant community powered by millions of sellers who not only sell their personal style, but also curate looks for their shoppers, creating one of the most connected shopping experiences in the world.Join us! Well, the child no longer interested in them and has moved on to another character out there. It’s free to list and sell on Vinted, which is a big bonus (though buyers are charged a small fee). Do a search for the items online to get a sense of how much you'll get for them. You can also sell your preloved fashion pieces so you can make money whilst decluttering your closet. What’s the commission? When someone buys your design, CafePress sends the item to the buyer. It hasn’t been that way for some time, actually, and the correct number is 50. Sell vintage clothing (and independent brands) to 20-something fashion lovers. I also have Levi’s and Guess jeans with the tags still on. Frye women’s shoes that retail for as much as $298 brand-new, can sell for a little more than $200 used. Free return shipping is a novelty when selling clothes online. Do you have any recommendations? Find great deals on second hand clothes in South Africa. You can sell up to 20 items for free, after that it goes up to £0.35 per item. Creating your own website can have several advantages: With this idea, you have several options to sell clothes you don’t “own.” You don’t have to spend time or money rebuilding your inventory. If you’re stuck at home again, a good way to spend the time is to sell clothes online. A small tip to increase your shop audience: Network with other Etsy shops. Most of the brands are not super high end (no Jacadi…lots of Gap) however, the kids’ clothes DO sell quickly so you can get a little pocket change. That sounds super frustrating! We have some posts on this site that might help you get started opening your own online shop. You can drop them off at your local LePrix boutique partner. I would like to know what online store would be best to take all and sell for cash. When it comes to finding the best sites and apps to sell (and buy) clothes online, Depop is … Maybe other communities will take inspiration from your comment and start their own such group! Eventually, you can become a full-time seller, if you choose! Order a ThriftBag today. You can either buy used clothes locally to sell online. Your drop shipping partnerships the sold items from their warehouse. The only thing with these sites is that your commission fees can be higher. I want to sell in bulk. Of course, you are always welcome to sell clothes online elsewhere. Children’s clothing is a popular item at local consignment stores. Sometimes, it’s a supply and demand issue with sites like ThredUp. Dropshipping means you spend less time trying to make a buck. While the brand’s prices are high, so is the resale value. What’s the commission? Where exactly should I sell them as I have to move and sell them immediately? In many cases you should have a garage sale or donate for the tax deduction. Goose down jackets easily sell for $230 or more in the stores, and because of that, these second-hand items are in high demand. In the seller guidelines, just make sure you read the terms and conditions to make sure they are currently accepting regular brand clothing. And what was your experience? Best for: Pretty much everything, but vintage and quirky items sell best Charges: Depop charges 10% of each sale (plus PayPal fees). Store fees are still reasonable.

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