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demilich nespithe review

Als die finnischen Death-Metaller DEMILICH vor gut 20 Jahren ihr erstes und einziges Album „Nespithe“ rausbrachten, hatten sie damit ein in jeder Hinsicht bemerkenswertes und einzigartiges Werk veröffentlicht. Sure, Scream Bloody Gore and Altars of Madness still earn respect and admiration from contemporary ears (and rightfully so), but they’ve since been trumped in terms of their heaviness and commitment to perversity. thanks, Album Rating: 5.0if god isnt real then how do you explain this album. Alive AG Nespithe. Intricate riffs and pounding blast beats are merged perfectly with complex rhythms and time changes that keep the listener hooked, not knowing what to expect next. The best thing that you can do if you fancy yourself a death metal fan is to give this album a few listens, but I’m betting it would be difficult to find any death metal fan that hasn’t listened to this album except for people new to death metal. The music presented on here is unorthodox not just by the standards of metal, but of music itself. Sure, the vocals are incredibly guttural, but they’re not oppressive guttural or painful to listen to. 'Nespithe' - Demilich (10/10) In a genre defined by its unfettered commitment to extremity, it's rare for a death metal album to retain its stopping power in the generations following its release. How can you not have Behemoth's Demigod in your top three and call yourself a fan of the genre? tank top with signature – Professional Edition 15,99 € 9,99 € Download the album. Back in the day, you'd find death metal bands rising mostly from Florida and New York states, England, and Sweden, respectively. Nespithe is one of those albums that is unique simply for the fact that it tread ground no-one else was willing to tread and in doing so set the bar for surreal, and mind-bending death metal with almost nobody else touching that bar for a long time. Nespithe is a technical death metal music album recording by DEMILICH released in 1993 on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. and immortality. I would love to tell you that this band is here to stop all that, but they already have, way back in the early 90's. A simple, generalized blanket statement like that won't get me very far so it's best to explain that, isn't it? In the case of the album I am reviewing, it would not only be an understatement, but the entire approach of that type of thinking would be fallacious. In fact this album has some of the most complex and atonal riffs this side of Gorguts! I'd say my favorite part about this album besides the lyrics, vocals, and tuning, is the length of the tracks' titles, with the excessive use of brackets. Read and write album reviews for Nespithe - Demilich on AllMusic The eighth song is an instrumental which goes a little overboard at times with the technical instrumentation, sort of like a foundation for “Cabinet” era Spawn of Possession. This album is very obscure and otherworldly, just like the cosmos. Think back to early Scandinavian extreme metal and one immediately thinks of Sweden - Bathory, Nihilist, Dismember, Entombed and so on; Finland rarely comes into it. The extremely burpy and echoey vocals of Boman are like nothing I've ever heard. Demilich: Nespithe ‎ (LP, Ltd, RE, RM, Gre) Xtreem Music: XM 060 LP: Spain: 2009: Sell This Version: Recommendations Reviews Add Review [r3057305] Release. You won't find yourself frequently headbanging to the guitar riffs, yet, much like Richard Wagner, you'll find yourself in awe of just how well they are assembled. Go download this classic now! It’s forced listeners to get the most out of this one album, and left Nespithe a truly ‘one-of-a-kind’ experience. It was really just heavy and strong music, yet standard. It’s no doubt clichéd to say in a metal review, but the gurgling sounds downright Lovecraftian in scope and atmosphere. Well, Demilich kindly objected to that generalization, and created a highly dissonant album with convoluted song structures and an atmosphere that is unlike anything in death metal. Nespithe 14,99 € Classic Adversary T-shirt 15,99 € Logo T-shirt 14,99 € Em9t2ness of van2s1ing / V34ish6ng 0f emptiness 2LP - 1st pressing! They are full of twists and turns and generally tend to wind around for a while. Edit Release All Versions of this Release New Submission . Got you interested? Cryptworm – Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence (2020) | REVIEW Merging the competitive sport of primitive drop-tuned, filth-choked death grooves with singularly resolved Demilich ian six-angled concepts this Bristol, England stationed death metal duo re-emerge from a complex web of slime and hair with a far more substantive and memorable second EP. A truly legendary death metal album in every construct and one, which although might not have changed the general consensus to this genre, will remain a pillar of death metal for all time. No offense to Demilich, but I figured that none of their albums would sell well. Even with the twentieth anniversary of its release having occurred earlier this year, Nespithe remains as twisted, puzzling, and frightening as ever. Úzkost – Blood Debt (2020) While it’s not true that all death metal sounds alike, it could certainly stand to be less true – and this is not a call for flutes or jazz or… Hell forbid, Egyptian music. Als die finnischen Death-Metaller DEMILICH vor gut 20 Jahren ihr erstes und einziges Album „Nespithe“ rausbrachten, hatten sie damit ein in jeder Hinsicht bemerkenswertes und einzigartiges Werk veröffentlicht. Yeah, that's Demilich in a nutshell. Yet what also makes these riffs so great is how well they work in conjunction with the drums. Nespithe makes me think of insanity, but viewed from the inside out, in a state of alienation from reality. Demilich is one of those very experimental and unorthodox death metal bands that came out of nowhere, yet attracted the vast majority of the fans of the genre with ease, and unexpectedly so. One would have wanted to listen to what this group could have offered rather than let ones own imagination wearily drift. The band has made the whole album available for free download from its website, along with demos, rehearsals and live material, due to it getting shafted by Necropolis which didn't pay them royalties for sales of the reissue. Throughout the album, Demilich pays a consistent attention to detail in the shape of the riffs and flow of the composition. The crowd happily headbanged as they were treated material from Demilich’s demo output, as well. Praised by many as the best finnish death metal album of all time, Demilich’s first and only album Nespithe is an album like no other. The guitars basically sound like a sonic boom bouncing all over the walls of a deep cave (I don’t think that will help much). It is a real shame that this is the only full-length ever put out by Demilich, because this album was simply chaotic brilliance. Yes, Nespithe is just that great. To be honest, it is difficult to write a review that really gives you a good idea of what the guitar work sounds like on this album, but there are some aspects that can be described in relatively close proximity. The guitar is heavily downtuned, producing a tone that sounds like a predecessor to sludge metal. Label: Archivist Records. It all creates a certain aesthetic flow that can only be compared to the beauty of the workings of the universe themselves. Cult Of Lilith. Demilich - Nespithe One of the best death metal albums ever, hands down. Nothing could be a greater mistake than avoiding what is being presented on this record based on what its surface elements look like on paper. Technical death metal appears to have found some kind of new leese of life recently, with most "promising" new death metal bands having a ridiculously squeaky clean production and having lots of fun playing scales at break-neck speed. Speaking of Nu-Metal, I could see a lot of mallcore kids gelling with this, the album might even give them a feeling of “Kewlness” just knowing this “Super Obscure” death metal album. I can always appreciate reading long-ass song titles. The drum production could have done with a little greater dynamic range, but there’s nothing significant to complain about the way Nespithe has been crafted. Genres: Technical Death Metal. It sounds like Autopsy on acid. Nespithe has lost none of its esoteric allure. Shit slays like no tomorrow. More conspicuously – most conspicuously, in fact, of all the band’s idiosyncrasies – are those vocals, which sound like… a pitch-shifted demon frog from the bowels of Hell? Could be. Lik. While there’s certainly a proper method at work with these riffs, they sound liberated from conventional scales, pairing notes that wouldn’t normally go together. cannibal corpse I recommend you listen to the whole album from start to finish. I must admit the vocals were quite off-putting during the first listen, but now I just find them funny and honestly somewhat fitting to the album. Seriously, though, the vocals here are literally the most unique vocals in all of metal. This is a thoroughly alien piece of technical mania and it pushes itself with riffs that pulsate and writhe in rhythm that perfectly reflects the atmosphere while the solos and melodies are warped and complex in a way that terrifies while holding the melody firm to whatever bent patterns emerge. Of course, Nespithe in general sounds like a mixture of broken glasses fused together to create the overall song structures, which makes them very confusing and technical in a loose sense of the word. I've been listening to death metal for a long time, and I've yet to find an album that sounds like this. The guitar work alone will leave anyone trying to emulate it with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! Needless to say, I was totally blown away to hear this. Songs are mostly linearly constructed, always moving forward and never looking back. User reviews & ratings for the album Nespithe by Demilich. ... Napalm Death – Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism Review 14 hours ago Tape Wyrm. Yep, the guy sounds like he downed a whole case of beers immediately before delivering this one of a kind performance. It's like a dreary landscape of an outside universe, and you're traveling through it without any chance of escape as if you were being sucked by a black hole. This literally feels like the croakings of a monster from an extra-dimensional dystopian wasteland. I feel like every aspiring metal musician should listen to this album. FLAC . So I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary in that regard, other than the vocals and tuning. It's dumbfounding, but that's the power of amazing songwriting. It is a bit of an odd thing that I not only checked this album out, but actually gave it enough listens to fully grasp the genius behind it, because I am usually impervious to the fierce word of mouth propaganda that led to my doing so in the end. They're awesome to read. It really is something worth getting into and it grows on you like some freakish Lovecraftian blob parasite feasting on your essence (or some other crazy shit like that). The whole album, I feel, is analogous to his story "The Music of Erich Zann". The right amount of praise, with the right amount of thought put behind it, by the right people, usually not enough for me to budge, but! It's another one of those albums that isn't easy to headbang to because the main melodies aren't decipherable enough. It's beckoning you. ...if all tech death was as good as this?! Released 31 August 2018 on Extremely Rotten (catalog no. The song's have ridiculous titles that have made me chuckle more than anything, but the whole word displacement like "Nespithe" = "The Spine" and "Erecshyrinol" = "No Lyrics Here" is a pretty cool concept, but it falls face first after such anthems as "The Planet That Once Used to Absorb Flesh in Order to Achieve Divinity and Immortality (Suffocated to the Flesh That It Desired...)". The realms of the abstract are explored with eerie and chaotic melodies that sound somewhat disjointed and alienating. The rhythms ebb and flow with fluidity like a river current, much unlike the straightforward rampage you would expect to hear from a death metal album over twenty years old. Drumming exists to provide some killer groove as they drift into unknown dimensions. You play the record for the first time, expecting to hear a bear and-WHAT THE FUCK, ARE THOSE BURPS?! I also mentioned the lowness of the drums, and that is a big problem. Demilich - Nespithe - 20th Adversary of Emptiness An Autothrall Classic. The overall production is superb and for such and underground release it is a real surprise. Despite the success and the slight of importance this record has and how it shaped most subgenres of death metal, it wasn't that of a great listen. If you’re new to harsh vocals, that would be your general impression of Demilich’s Nespithe. Demilich - Nespithe review of Demilich's work Nespithe in the Death Metal genre, composed in the year 1993, now Demilich Nespithe review with sound samples and Nespithe tracklist and mediafire, rapidshare and torrent downloads of Demilich Nespithe at the Dark Legions Archive/Death Metal Underground, the net's longest-running metal reviews and information site, founded 1988 and … Though the band’s template for making discordant death metal has been emulated numerous times by fellow weirdoes like Gorguts and Portal, there’s never been a band that’s one-upped Demilich as far as putting together an experience that’s slippery, dissonant, disorienting, and challenging but still cohesive and enjoyable. However, Demilich will never be forgotten with the release of 1993's "Nespithe". Only he’s not using any processing after all, which just makes it that much scarier. The point is that the resulting album sounds starkly different from the prototypical death metal LP of the day. Amazing in its ability to fuse grotesquely guttural, heavy, loose death metal with psychedelic and avante garde technical metal. This album’s booklet encodes the lyrics in a cryptogram. And all this without taking Antti Boman's vocals into account. Nespithe 14,99 € Classic Adversary T-shirt 15,99 € Logo T-shirt 14,99 € Em9t2ness of van2s1ing / V34ish6ng 0f emptiness 2LP - 1st pressing! It may be great, but old school death metal tends to not be on the more technical side of things. If the album cover isn't already a good summary of what the band is about then let me tell you more about this bunch of devillish composers. What Demilich does manage to do is create a wonderfully unusual blend of guitar riffing that is fairly high-pitched and tends to be broken and somewhat unrelated, but they manage to make all of the riffs work together to form one highly unique album. Album Rating: 5.0best dm: You put the album on and the moment you're done you're clutched in an embrionic position, sucking your thumb and wondering which plane of existence you're in. The entire band seems to flow altogether, with sufficient mastery of their instruments, without overdoing it in terms of speed. Everything about the album is shrouded in obscurity: The winding, atonal guitar melodies, the unpredictable song structures, the ridiculously deep burpy vocals of Antti Boman, the disturbing yet intriguing album cover, the nonsensical song names and lyrics, it’s all made to look, sound and feel as alien as possible, yet it all makes sense. While listening to the whole thing can be tiring, as the whole thing sticks to a plodding pace, and the drums are so tinny and processed that the semi-trained ear will laugh at this, but the atmosphere is hellish and twisted. Album Rating: 5.0incantation onward to golgotha The guitars are without a doubt enjoyable. It’s an album marvellously consistent in tone and style, and though Demilich do not stray any bit from their style, there are plenty of riffs that stand out as being memorable, provided the listener is diligent enough to seek them. To make it simpler, I'll just say that the vocals sound similar to that of grindcore bands or experimental brutal death metal bands like Wormed. There's also the instrumental "Erecshyrinol" which has possibly the most unexpectedly epic riff in metal. This release is inspiration for bands we know today such as Spawn of Possession, Sulaco, Carpharnaum, and later era Gorguts. Harmony is an exercise in music most often used to make a composition more beautiful or ‘pretty’, but the opposite rings true for Demilich’s use of it on Nespithe. On paper, the band is basically this unholy blend of the solid brick heaviness and growls of Bolt Thrower with Atheist’s blend of traditional thrash/death metal with jazz fusion. Listeners have described his delivery as anything from a low guttural to a controlled burp, and they wouldn’t be wrong either; the man’s vocals are almost indiscernibly low-pitched, and quiet enough to slip right by an inattentive listener. But all that aside, what's the purpose of this little narrative? Everything is just a solid performance, with well thought out compositions, riffs, beats, and yes, even the lyrics are good (and completely fucking weird.) They were very low for death metal at the time, with the closest one could find in bands like the aforementioned Bolt Thrower, Barney era Napalm Death and that Skeleton of God’s demo. I mean, look again at that album cover, look at the fucker on the far left, he looks like a Terminator. Looking at the big picture of this album, everything is as it should be. This album is amazing. Maybe it was my mind blowing Forgotten Legend’s article about Demilich’s incredible debut, or maybe is just serendipity, but Svart Records has just released a brand new 3LP and 2CD digipack box set entitled 20th Adversary of Emptiness that contains every single brutal note Demilich has ever recorded. They have a certain dynamic which is hard to explain, but their sound is very much that of "extraterrestial" sludgy, melodic death metal (with grindy passages no less). The flow is very good as all tracks seem to follow up the preceeding one perfectly. The drums complement these interesting riffs with spontaneous tempo changes and weird comps. Every hit on the drumkit alike, and every utterance of vocalisation, it all fits together like a pre-historic puzzle to be solved once humankind has hit the right level of evolution. Review. Demilich - Nespithe TS; Out of stock. What it would ultimately take for me to garner an interest in death metal was to see the genre from an entirely different perspective. This album was the only album released by the Finnish death metal band Demilich, and is considered by some to be a hidden gem of death metal. The demo works had, as another review put it, a putrid, rotten sound. Those are only a few of the more visible signs of the strangeness permeating this music. Antti Boman uses some cryptic lyrics as well giving just a little bit more of a mystique to this already out-of-this-world album (just look at the song titles). Nespithe is so drastically different from the common death metal of 1993 that it boggles the mind. In spite of all the sickened insanity, there is an element of cohesion to this with how much the music's progressions serve to maximize the murkiness of this album's sound. nile The first thing that someone will notice upon hearing it is the vocals -- the first thing I thought when I heard it was that the vocalist was the most impressive belcher I had ever heard, though that's actually not the case. 20,99 € – 22,99 € Nespithe, an Album by Demilich. Demilich - Nespithe review of Demilich's work Nespithe in the Death Metal genre, composed in the year 1993, now Demilich Nespithe review with sound samples and Nespithe tracklist and mediafire, rapidshare and torrent downloads of Demilich Nespithe at the Dark Legions Archive/Death Metal Underground, the net's longest-running metal reviews and information site, founded 1988 and … This is the kind of album that takes a while to get used to and it wouldn't surprise me if this was initially off-putting to some people, but the music on hand really holds together well despite the insanity and mixes in a way that comes off as natural. I didn't find the music to be competitively superior or distraught in terms of the amount of heaviness and song structures the band produced. Whatever it is that Demilich tried to express, there is no doubt that this is one of the most fascinating and matchless Death Metal albums ever created. I've seen a few discussions on whether Antti pitchshifted his vocals to sound the way they do, but I highly doubt it. Indeed, they take their time exploring and discovering the cosmic planes and the mind within. Necropolis Records. I will say this album manages to suck me into the sick disfigured world that Demilich has managed to construct and keep me there throughout the album without any trouble. That is the atmosphere: bizarre and confusing, but also horrifying and spectacular in its beauty. 20th Adversary Of Emptiness 2CD - incl. His doubles bass work is the perfect speed which complements the whirling guitar work, while the well placed blast beats were some of the best of that era. Villein – Splendor Solis [UK, Dungeon Synth] (2020) 2 days ago Valley of Steel. I listen to this whole album and barely hear the vocals. Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about this record is just how different it sounds to the rest of what this unremitting genre has to offer. In all these years of listening to metal, death metal was the genre that took the longest for me to come to enjoy. It's sort of like the death metal answer to psychedelic rock. In short, the package is an exemplary geek-out, the perfect epitaph for a band as alien as Demilich. Multiple listens are required to get a good grasp of what it is all about. The Putrefying Road in the Nineteenth Extremity (...Somewhere Inside the Bowels of Endlessness...) See how this album was rated and reviewed by the users of AoTY.org. Antti Boman himself has said that he knew absolutely nothing about theory and had very few influences when writing the material for this album. Burp. Mikko Virnes puts in a great performance, easily mixing jazz-orientated rhythms with blast beats and doom-outs. I suppose otherworldly best describes these riffs, but even then I feel that isn't quite the right way to phrase it. Unlike Nothing, this has quite a lot of soloing, which is always refreshing to hear in death metal. The fact that this is one of the best recordings in the whole of metal, and possibly music itself, remains. deicide 20th Adversary Of Emptiness 2CD - incl. There are 8 replies to this review. The band denies any vocal effects, but it's kind of apparent that they did something to them. DEMILICH - Nespithe (TS) T-shirt High Quality Silkscreen Print, 10 Colors, Big Front Image Band: DEMILICH Title: Nespithe Condition: new Colour: Black Material: Cotton 100% Ask for other sizes ----- - Registered worldwide airmail shipping with tracking number - Safe packaging ERP038; Cassette). Nespithe MC (DR76) 7,90 € – 9,90 € Winterwolf: Lycanthropic Metal of Death LP 18,99 € – 19,99 € Vive l'Adversaire! True bizarreness is something to be treasured, and it is for this reason that so many death metal fans hold Demilich’s only full-length album so dearly. The guitarwork here is some of the best in all of death metal. His performance is excellent, as is the drum sound. Insanity is a standard theme in metal and especially in death metal. The amazing thing about Nespithe is that it was all accomplished with just one guitar. However that is all but a small complaint. 22.6M . If anything, the transitions are one of the most important factors that accentuate the catchiness of each riff. Sadly, this was their only full-length. behemoth Another surprising part is the location in which the band originates from: Finland. Demilich's music could be thought of as death metal based on some sort of music theory developed by organisms that live on another planet and have an entirely different way of thinking about time signatures and tonality. Though these songs aren't catchy, despite what some have claimed, Nespithe is a memorable experience that’s immensely enjoyable. It's to illustrate a point - to draw a parallel between my discovery of heavy metal and my discovery of this album. It's a genre-warping, mind-bending experience. Demilich - Nespithe (1993/2018) LP 31-07-2019, 18:27 Artist : Demilich Title : Nespithe Year Of Release : 1993 (2018) Genre : Death Metal Quality : FLAC (image+.cue) 24-192 Total Size : 1,6 Gb But that doesn't really matter, the point of the review was to talk about how great this album is. Comparable, of course, to Gorguts in their weirdness, but simultaneously being far more fun than their Canadian cousins. I don’t even know if anyone else can even get anywhere close to replicating this. After listening to the first few seconds of the opener “When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water”, you know you are in for something quite different and unusually strange. Rhythm riffs ride underneath the leads or the solos, in a profound yet catchy sense, leaving you wanting more. It's not exactly aesthetically pleasing or exciting in any traditional senses, and it won't strike anyone as "heavy fucking metal," but it is so weird that not acquiring it through whatever means (it's free for download) will leave you incomplete. Maybe if I wasn't busy cleaning up my room I would've headbanged more to it. It did things that few other death metal bands ever did and it did them in such a way that there is really no better way to describe this than pure deranged filth, and I mean that in the nicest way possible since it makes for a truly interesting listening experience. I guess the only bands that gave off similar feelings to them are Immolation and the Mexican death metal band Denial. See how this album was rated and reviewed by the users of AoTY.org. I don't know what possessed these drunk Finnish guys to write this mind-warping record, but I'm really glad they did. This album really is like none other. Praised by many as the best finnish death metal album of all time, Demilich’s first and only album Nespithe is an album like no other. There a lot of tempo changes throughout the album and many in every song. However, it all holds together in a way that's not just technically impressive, but also manages to maintain a bit of swing to the music with the rhythms never devolving into formless clatter, always keeping their monstrous forms intact and coherent. Demilich is a technical death metal band. It plays with what's technical, surreal, slimy, and pioneers an extremely alien sounding style of death metal with this album being a loner in style and among everything this band has created. From the opening riff and double bass section on the first track you get the idea that with most of these songs being released in the early 90’s on the demos, this band was ahead of their time. The guy behind the kit shows us that with the least amount of technicality (because, frankly, I've heard way more intricate drumming) you can serve the music 100%. I reviewed this album about 4-5 years ago, and I raved about how great this record was. Anyways, enough bashing the production. Excluding bands like Atheist, Cynic, Nocturnus and others that were recognizable and are experimental and technical, most bands were/are pretty much traditional and devolved from the thrash metal influence to perfect the genre; with blast beats, death growls, fast guitar-picking and bass. Size: Price: $15.99. Darauf loteten die Finnen 1993 die Grenzen des Death Metals aus. Contrary to most metal, the chords seem to follow the lead guitar, as opposed to the other way around. I have heard Demilich described as technical metal, but I’ve never really thought of them as such. Genre: Death Metal. Drums are played very competently and are written to be part of a whole rather than sounding like the drummer is trying to let you know just how great he is. It is as if though they find order within chaos, or chaos within order. Official worldwide licence from the band. Well this album shatters any myths that it was all about Sweden. Demilich really only have one full-length to their credit, Nespithe, which was originally releases in 2000, but the crowd was obviously intimately familiar with the material and roared along. Immolation has especially good soloing, by the way. It's the voice of a subconscious mind. You know, in that alternate universe in which time runs backwards, this album would be the world's most derided as having stolen every single idea bands had after 1993. The bass here is written very purposefully and does not always follow the guitar line as in common in much of metal music, even sometimes taking the lead which is more noticeable in tracks such as "The Cry". They were so far ahead that they didn’t bother to make a sequel. When you re-pitch the album a full step, the whole thing sounds a lot more presentable and believe. I actually find them to be quite soothing. If you don’t stop to listen to the drumming you may never realize just how entertaining they are since they are a little lower in the mix. Hier kommt ein erfrischend kreatives Death-Metal-Potpourri aus Island. Demilich really only have one full-length to their credit, Nespithe, which was originally releases in 2000, but the crowd was obviously intimately familiar with the material and roared along. It's a voice from the past, present, and future. This is easily a “top five” death metal album of all time for me, and there’s really no reason why anyone shouldn’t like it. We’ve covered the 5 greatest death metal albums of 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992 and 1993 found death metal continuing on its all-conquering path, resulting in a collection of releases that would go down in history as classics of the genre!. As I said before it's music is all but simple. Identifiable recursive song structures are nonexistent. Nespithe is a technical death metal music album recording by DEMILICH released in 1993 on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette.

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